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Professional Maternity Matron

Professional Maternity Matron

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Each new mother that chooses to become a part of the New Joy family can expect professional service and treatments that reflect our dedication.

We provide our mothers-to-be with a completely personalized health checkup, which is carried out by our Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner. 

Chinese medicine is a holistic approach that considers pregnancy one of the hallmark moments in life to be cherished and nurtured. It supports the many rapidly changing effects that pregnancy has on the body, which can also impact the baby’s health.

Chinese medical practices can include acupuncture, dietary therapy, massage, and energy healing. 

We also provide Psychological Counselling, which can be incredibly therapeutic in helping ease fears and anxieties about what comes next in the journey. It also helps ascertain readiness for motherhood and can indicate where additional guidance may be needed for a healthy mental state before, during and after childbirth.

New Joy is ready and waiting to welcome you for a birth experience and aftercare like no other.