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About New Joy Postpartum Care


About Us

New Journey, New Joy with you

A place where you can sit and feel warm and secure in the month

A place that brings you a new concept of the Chinese tradition and the science of the city.

The arrival of a new child in the family can be both magical and draining at the same time. At New Joy, we are here to assist in both the day-to-day duties of taking care of the newborn and providing emotional support to mothers. 

Our team works in tandem with you to provide warm, friendly care and the peace of mind that comes with our extensive expertise.


New Joy is with you on your brand New Journey into parenthood.

Every pregnancy is different. Whether you are a new mother or have had children before, each birth brings about its unique challenges that can be stressful or cause anxiety.

With our guidance and prenatal coaching, we help pregnant women learn ways to relieve stress and relaxation techniques.


After labour, we assist parents in how to connect with their new little one. Providing new parents with proven child-rearing processes and routines helps to establish a sure footing for parenting success. Proper habits are crucial to reducing the fatigue and exhaustion that so many new parents experience. 


There is a wealth of information out there, but New Joy will teach you the simple yet established practices that genuinely work for newborns. We will help you work things out while both mother and baby are learning together, without forgetting that partners need support and guidance too.


Quality, professional care is what we believe in. We offer all mothers the stress-free option of a balanced healthy diet using our meal plans that provide essential energy as the journey continues.


New Joy is with you every step of the way!




The first month of a baby’s life is a milestone celebrated in Chinese culture. New Joy is here to get you through the first month with ease and care.



The first month of motherhood and a newborn’s life is considered a honeymoon period intertwined by the dual needs of mother and baby.


Core Values: 

Integrity, honesty, and a commitment to keeping up to date with the latest in labour care and parenting methods.

Principal Message

The team is committed to accompanying each family through the transition and stress. The prenatal coaching and relaxation helps to relieve stress, and during the month, we guide the mother and child through the intimate bonding process, imparting scientific concepts and knowledge of parenting.
The mother’s knowledge and concepts of scientific parenting are taught. This is a great way for mothers to start their journey in the month of March, so that they are not just tired, sleep deprived, and uninformed about parenting.

A new starting point for a new journey and a joyful motherhood.

At New Joy, we want to offer all mothers the opportunity to be well cared for, to eat a balanced and healthy diet, and to be comforted and supported.

We believe that we can do more and better, and we will accompany you.